Conor Daly delivers more laughs during iRacing Twitch stream

Chris Owens/IndyCar

At this point, one could fill a short book with quotes from Conor Daly’s iRacing streams from the past month.

For the fourth consecutive week, Daly streamed the IndyCar iRacing Challenge race on his Twitch account, with hilarious commentary from himself and some of his fellow competitors.

As usual, Daly was joined by Alexander Rossi, James Hinchcliffe and Ed Carpenter. Also joining this past weekend was rookie Rinus VeeKay.

HARD WORK PAYS OFF: Daly looking forward to Ed Carpenter Racing opportunity

All five drivers were communicating via a private Discord server that was synced with the stream. Below is a collection of some of the best exchanges between the five drivers:


(Note: During Friday night’s iRX race, Daly challenged Rossi to a Lunchables eating contest.)

VEEKAY: “What are Lunchables?”

DALY: (laughs) “Well, they’re something we grew up on in America.”

CARPENTER: “Raun (Rinus’ father and nutritionist) would not approve of you eating them.”

DALY: “Raun would not approve of you eating Lunchables. Think of all the great foods, minimized into small pieces and wrapped in plastic and you eat them as if they are like a wonderful item.”

VEEKAY: “Seems American.”

HINCHCLIFFE: “That’s the best way to put it.”

DALY: “Yes, absolutely. I don’t think you guys would have them.” 

DALY: (responding to a fan question in the chat) “I have met Kyle Busch, yes. We’ve had dinner, in fact.”

VEEKAY: “Did you eat M&Ms?” 

DALY: “Uh, no I did not eat M&Ms for dinner.”

HINCHCLIFFE: “Then you did dinner wrong.”

DALY: “Well, we’re the ones who are about to buy at least $75 worth of Lunchables, so…. Rinus, we’ll save you a Lunchable.” 

VEEKAY: “I will get you some cookies from Santa Claus.”

DALY: (laughs) “Great news, thank you.”


(A fan in the chat asks Daly if he thinks the sim races would be better if drivers could choose their own setups.)

DALY: “Uh, no. If we had the ability to change the setups, people would spend HOURS, and completely throw their lives into a trash can and set it on fire developing a sim setup.”


(Daly and VeeKay are racing side-by-side.)


(Will Power and Simon Pagenaud can be heard talking in the background on IndyCar’s driver’s feed)

DALY: “Penske drivers are shouting at people, that must mean the race is coming to a close.”

Click here to watch a full replay of the race Daly’s Twitch stream (warning: contains some adult language)

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Supercross: Enzo Lopes will race with ClubMX in 2024

Lopes ClubMX 2024
Feld Motor Sports/MX Sports Pro Racing/Align Media

Coming off his best Supercross season to date, Enzo Lopes has re-signed with Muc-Off / ClubMX Yamaha and will race for the team in 2024. The deal is for Supercross only.

Enzo Lopes won his heat race in Denver and finished fourth in the Main. – Feld Motor Sports

Lopes debuted in the Supercross series in 2019 on a Suzuki and scored his first top-10 finishes in his last two starts of that season. Showing consistent improvement, he earned six top-10s in eight Main events the following year and finished fifth in the 250 East standings. In 2022, he scored his first top-five at Daytona and finished in the top five in points again.

“I am happy to be returning to ClubMX for another season,” Lopes said in a press release. “It is like family to me there and that is very important. Although I had many options, staying where I am makes the most sense for many reasons. The bikes are great, the people are great, the tracks are amazing, and I am surrounded by people that care about me. We all want to win and together we will get there.”

While he improved his season-best performance by only one position this year, it was nevertheless a breakout season. Lopes barely missed the podium three times in 2023 with fourth-place finishes at San Diego, Seattle, and Denver.

His strong performance him rumored to be speaking with factory teams.

“We could see the growth from Enzo every time he gets on the bike,” said team owner Brandon Haas. “We all knew it was just a matter of time before he would be noticed by everyone, and we are proud of him on many levels. He had some heat race wins and qualified fastest at three events this season. It would be hard not to be noticed going that fast. He had a big decision to make and we are glad he chose to stay with us at ClubMX.”

Lopes had three podium finishes in heat races this year, including a win preceding his fourth-place finish in Denver.

Lopes will join Jeremy Martin, Phil Nicoletti and Garrett Marchbanks, who announced a two-year extension with the team in January, at the ClubMX team.