Scott McLaughlin learns America

Photo by Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images

To Americans, New Zealand is the land down under, but the three-time V8 Supercar champion and 2021 IndyCar rookie contender is finding out that the United States can be just as upside down as Scott McLaughlin learns America.

Upon arriving stateside, McLaughlin created a checklist of essential tasks to complete. Among the first on that list was the creation of the Twitter hashtag #ScottLearnsAmerica so that his fans could follow along on his journey of discovery.

High on his list was watching football during the day. It didn’t take long for him to realize that football is neither soccer nor rugby.

McLaughlin’s wife? Maybe not so much.

McLaughlin’s ruminations remind Americans of how much is taken for granted: namely convenience as the list filled with fast food joints, convenience stores and our ability to make anything into a drive through.

McLaughlin is learning not all aspects of American life are worthwhile.

And, of course, NBC has him covered.