Safety workers in Bahrain saluted for saving F1 driver Romain Grosjean from fiery wreck

Grosjean safety workers honored
Peter Fox/Getty Images

The safety workers who helped extricate Romain Grosjean from a fiery wreck Sunday in the Bahrain Grand Prix are being honored by Formula One drivers, officials and the host country for helping save Grosjean’s life.

In a video posted Monday by the Haas F1 team, Grosjean thanked the track marshals, medics and firefighters for their bravery and said, “You helped me get out of that big fire and kept me alive, so thank you very much. We need you for racing. We always will be grateful you were here for me.”

The Bahrain International Circuit that played host to the race (and will hold another F1 race Sunday on a separate layout as the FIA and Formula One investigate the crash) tweeted that two track marshals had been “ordered exceptional promotion” by Bahrain’s crown prince and prime minister for their professionalism, courage and swift response in rescuing Grosjean.

After a track marshal helped douse the flames near the Amrco barrier that split the Haas F1 car in half during the first-lap crash, Grosjean was able to scramble from the wreckage to be helped away from the scene by Dr. Ian Roberts.

Roberts, who was riding with medical car driver Alan van der Merwe in the vehicle that trails the field, told that the marshal’s work was crticial to Grosjean’s escape.

“I could see Romain trying to get up,” Roberts said. “We needed some way of getting to him. We’ve got the marshal there with an extinguisher and the extinguisher was just enough to push the flame away as Romain got high enough to then reach over and pull himself over the barrier.

In a social media post Monday with video of the rescue, seven-time F1 series champion Lewis Hamilton also saluted those who quickly came to the aid of Grosjean. Hamilton, who scored his 95th career victory Sunday, has been among many drivers who also have credited the halo device with saving Grosjean’s life.

The Haas F1 team announced Monday that Grosjean likely would remain in the hospital until Tuesday while healing from burns suffered in the wreck. Test driver Pietro Fittipaldi will replace Grosjean in this Sunday’s race.